Product Discovery

D-School, Professional Track

Copyright: Courtesy of HPI, Photographer: Kai Herschelmann

Product Discovery is a fast learning cycle to co-produce products with the end user.

Product Discovery is also fast to learn and produces immediate results when learned with the right approach.

Chaehan So follows an easy-to-use approach to Product Discovery. He collaborates with the best available coaches to improve the complex intersection between product discovery, design thinking and agile methodology.



Lars Janzik, Head of Product Management, WeltN24 GmbH

Feedback on a full-day Design Thinking Workshop with Top Management:

“An exciting workshop that triggers broad creativity and then reduces down to the essentials – lateral thinking and and to get direct feedback from the users. A brilliant method to extract a user-centered prototype from an idea, moderated by an efficient, competent and very motivating coach – Chaehan So.”

“Ein spannender Workshop, der breite Kreativität freisetzt und dann wieder auf das Wesentliche reduziert – Querdenken und direktes Feedback von den Nutzern bekommen. Eine geniale Methode um aus einer Idee schnell einen nutzerzentrierten Prototypen zu gewinnen, moderiert von einem effizienten, kompetenten und sehr motivierenden Coach – Chaehan So.”

Chaehan’s Cube of Product Discovery, Design Thinking and Agile Methodology:

chaehans-cubeThe main idea behind this Cube is that both Product Discovery and Agile Methodology are based on the same simple principle: Do work in short feedback cycles. Agile uses Scrum as implementation method, and Product Discovery uses Design Thinking as implementation method for these feedback cycles.