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What is Design Thinking?

Design Thinking can be a product innovation method BUT it has a much broader focus>


 Design Thinking is a collaborative problem solving method

Why bring Psychology into Design Thinking?

Do we know when the end user happy?

squint-150x150 wink-150x150smile-150x150kiki-150x150big-smile-150x150

–> Can we differentiate positive emotions?

…and does it matter?

–> Do we understand emotions just by modeling personas & emotional journeys in a workshop?

The fundamental terminology of design thinking is rooted in Psychology: Empathy   Needs   Emotions

Yet most practitioners lack the background knowledge of this psychological terminology – this results in restricted success of design thinking efforts!


magnifier-8-64x64 We need to capture emotional response and underlying psychological needs with psychological methods instead of workshop exercises (like emotional journeys) to really understand the end user!