Design Thinking Future started!

As I announced last week, I really finally started a new big thing: The future of design thinking. Even though it sounds pretentious at first sight, I truly believe it will really transform that what we today think of design thinking once we understand its current limitations.

I am lucky enough to share this new experience with two professors who really embrace the spirit of design thinking as you can see in the following picture: On the left, Prof. Jieun Kwon of Sangmyung University’s Emotion Engineering factulty, and on the right, Prof. Sven Schelwach from Hongik University’s International Design Institute (IDAS).

The students were quite quick to catch up the playful atmosphere – as you can see here… IMG_2243


And this atmosphere took over in the design thinking exercises…

All in all, I am impressed how much the students love the design thinking spirit and playfulness! Looking forward to my next lectures…