Design Thinking Future in Seoul

07 IDAS class listens to Chaehan So06 Chaehan So explains design thinkingTomorrow, I will start an unprecedented experiment in design thinking: A course combining fundamentals of psychology and design thinking tools & techniques.
I am very happy I can do this at Hongik University, Korea’s Nr. 1 University in design, in combination with the Emotion Engineering faculty of Sangmyung University.

This course is a follow-up of a workshop I gave at Hongik University on 29 May 2015. Here is a photo of the host, Prof. Sven Schelwach and me.

02 Sven Schelwach - Chaehan So

Sven invited me to lead his 35 students in a 6h fast forward design thinking workshop – quite a challenge given that I was the only coach.
However, the students really surprised me in every aspect:
Their English was excellent, their teamwork was very good in each of the seven teams despite age differences, and their discipline allowed them to release their energy even until the very end. You can believe it better when you see some snapshots of this workshop:

04 DSC_632303 DSC_6317

05 DSC_6335

So I am really looking forward to this new experiment. It is exciting because it contains challenges on multiple levels: First, students from different universities will mix in teams. Second, there will be age differences of several years to span. Third, the course is in English, hard for some students. And last but not least, I will try to release their creative thinking processes despite all the above-mentioned challenges.

On the other hand, both Sven Schelwach and Jieun Kwon are professors who have the right mindset for design thinking – I experienced them both as very encouraging and motivating to the students. So with their support, I think we can tackle this challenge. Or as Koreans say: Fighting! :)