Design Thinking Forward – Session 2: Empathize

This week, I realized the first session implementing my conceptualization of future design thinking (which I call “design thinking forward”): Psychology lecture preceding design thinking exercises.

The psychology topic was motivation and emotion. Preceding the emotion lecture, I made the students experience an exercise for emotional memory that is taught in acting schools.

After the lecture, the students had to switch gears from an intellectual & listening mode to a talkative & interactive mode. So I gave them a warmup activity they really liked: Looping around some else for three times – three rounds with three winners.

After getting physically active (arousal was an important part of the emotion lecture), I did the whole interview training with students standing up. That allowed them to be more active (see top picture).

At the end, some students came to me saying they really learned a lot – emotion explained in “logical” terms, and interviewing with practical hints. So although most people felt exhausted, it was quite a new learning experience for them…