Brainwave detection of visual recognition (ERP)

Brainwaves can be detected when performing a complex cognitive task like visual recognition. In this moment, there is a change in brainwave signal known as Event-Related Potential (ERP). To detect these brainwaves, you don’t need your head connected full of electrodes any more like in the early days of EEG – it is sufficient to wear these light googles I am wearing above my glasses.

imageIt The screen exhibits imagesix animation characters, the last one is “the thief” which you must detect. Then you watch the screen for 20 seconds displaying the characters in quick random sequence. Every time you “the thief”, you need to count. You are then scoredimage by the timely performance of recognition. As you can see, I made it with an excellent score of 97/100 – but to be honest, my first try was at 58!

In the last picture, right of my face, you see the inventor of this high-tech gadget, Jung-Nyun Lee. He does his Ph.D. at Emotion Engineering faculty of Sangmyung University, supervised by Prof. Jieun Kwon.image